Radiance Power Yoga


rpy Studio faqs

The fastest way to contact us is by emailing hello@radiancepoweryoga.com!

We are typically in-studio about 30 mins before and after each class. Calling us is best when you want to let a teacher know you’re running late or if you have a link issue for a Livestream class. For all other support, email us!

We are located at 2704 28th Street in the Bluff Plaza shopping center at the intersection of Bluff and 28th Streets.

We have a large, free parking lot directly in front of the studio with plentiful parking!

Scroll down to the next section (CLASS FAQS) for detailed information about our classes and how to book!

Log in to your Radiance account or app and select the reservation. You can cancel at any point before class to ensure you don’t receive a no show fee.

To learn more about no show fees, scroll down.

When signing up in advance, you should receive an email link about an hour (60 mins) before class start. Please check your spam if it’s not in your inbox!

If you sign up within the hour before class, you will receive an email within 5–10 minutes (this delay may cause a wait when signing up 5–10 minutes prior to class start).

If you do not get an email within the timeframes posted above, email us at hello@radiancepoweryoga.com.

If you have an account with us and previously opted out of emails or SMS, open your account by clicking here, click the Personal Information tab, and scroll down to edit Communication Settings.

If you don’t have an account with us yet, opt in to our monthly newsletters and event emails here.

We aim to minimize the emails you get each month by only sending you events which correlate with classes and events you’ve attended with us!

In order to create integrity around sign ups and commitment to your practice, we have updated our No Show Policy. You will incur a $2 fee for each No Show occurrence.

To prevent these fees, please cancel ahead online, in app, by phone, or by email. In the event of an emergency, email us at hello@radiancepoweryoga.com within 24 hours of the missed class, as we do aim to be flexible when life gets lifey. 

* Limit 3x per month fee waiver

All contractual Memberships require a four month commitment (Monthly Unlimited, Couples Unlimited, Founders Unlimited, Livestream Unlimited) and require a minimum of 30 days written notice to cancel. We also offer the option to freeze your account up to three months per year, with 30 days written notice. Our 40 Days intro offer (non-refundable) does not automatically renew, nor does it require a cancellation.

Please email hello@radiancepoweryoga.com to cancel or freeze your account.

All unused, unopened items are eligible for exchange or account credit within 60 days of purchase. This excludes food, drink, and CBD products.

Credits, such as Drop-ins + Class Packs, never expire and are only eligible to refund for account credit.

Special event credits, such as Workshops, must be used for the specific event they were purchased for. A refund to account credit can be requested prior to event and cannot be refunded once event has begun.

Memberships, including our 40 Day intro offer (no contract or renewal), are not refundable once they have been processed. Please refer to our membership cancellation policy above!

Please email hello@radiancepoweryoga.com to process refunds, account credits, and exchanges.

We hire from within our community! The best way to teach at Radiance is to practice with us and join our community. Additionally, we have a direct path to teaching at Radiance through completing our Teacher Training Program.

We rent out the studio space on a hourly basis. Any rental would have to be outside our regular class schedule and events. Please reach out to us at hello@radiancepoweryoga.com for more information.

Please visit our Radiant Mama Perinatal Yoga page to learn more!

Please keep in mind prenatal classes are a community space designed for pregnant people and postnatal classes are a community for postpartum people (non-mobile babies welcome). If you are on a fertility journey, you are absolutely welcome to join + connect in this space!

We have a wide variety of classes for our entire community to attend, including low heat and non-heated classes. Prenatal classes are a community space designed for pregnant people and postnatal classes are a community for postpartum people (non-mobile babies welcome). If you are on a fertility journey, you are absolutely welcome to join + connect in this space!

As of Jan 1, 2024, our mats are still spaced apart, as some are still easing back into the studio after COVID. We wash our props after each use and the studio is professionally cleaned weekly, in addition to multiple daily cleanings of floors and surfaces.

Additionally, we do ask our teachers to sub their classes when they are sick to prevent the spread of germs and keep our community healthy! When it comes to COVID, our team follows current CDC guidelines. 

general yoga + Class faqs

All of our classes are all levels. Like anything you do for the first time, you may be challenged and a bit lost in your first few classes. Do your best and keep coming — you will be amazed at how quickly your practice will grow!

If you are interested in booking private classes (individual or group), we do offer this option for practitioners of all levels AND it’s a great way to build your practice from the ground up! Email us at hello@radiancepoweryoga.com.

Please arrive 10–15 minutes prior to class start to set up your account (you can save time by doing this ahead – scroll to “How do I sign up for a class?” for details), meet your teacher, receive a studio tour, and settle in! You’ll need a yoga mat, yoga towel (if you are attending a heated class), and water. If you do not have a yoga mat or towel, you can rent these items from the studio. Rentals are free during your first visit! 

We do have bottles of water and other beverages for sale, as well as a filtered water bottle filling station. 

Please wear comfortable clothing that is breathable, allows you to move freely, and stays somewhat in place. Unless otherwise noted, the room will be heated and you can expect to sweat. You will practice barefoot, and asked to remove shoes in our lobby or locker room.

You can sign up for classes via our schedule or apps. In order to reserve a class, you must first have credits (available via web + app).

Ways to pay: Intro Offer (40 Days of Unlimited Yoga for $40), Drop-In, Class Packs (the more you buy, the more you save), or a Membership.

Click here to book via our website!

Click here to download our Apple App!

Click here to download our Android App!

If you have any questions or issues, please email us at hello@radiancepoweryoga.com for support.

Click here to check out what’s happening at the studio!

When booking a special event or class, like Workshops or a class series, click on the class / event on our schedule. When you hit reserve and you do not yet have a credit, you will be redirected to RPY’s pricing page to buy the appropriate credit. Our system will then take you back to reserve your space!

If you did not receive two emails, confirmation of purchase and reservation, please reach out to us at hello@radiancepoweryoga.com for support.

Our class names are written to provide you a quick understanding what to expect!

How to read our class names: Class location | Asana type, class duration (60, 75, 90 mins), temperature and music expectation. If you don’t see a specified heat or music, the class is heated and does not have music.

· Livestream | Power Flow 60 — this class takes place online, is a Power Vinyasa, 60 min duration, heated without music!

· In-Studio | Flow + Let Go 60 (Low Heat + Music) — this class takes place in our yoga studio, Vinyasa Flow + Restorative asana, low heat (see heat FAQ for details) and music can be expected!

*Be sure to check the location you sign up for! You won’t receive a link for Zoom unless you reserve a Livestream class.

We have 3 types of classes: heated, low heat, and non-heated. Our heated classes are heated up to 92° with added humidity; low heat classes are heated 80–85° with added humidity; non-heated classes are not heated and are not humidified.

Heat helps warm the body, muscles, and joints, which allows for a deeper practice.

The majority of our classes are offered both in-studio and livestream. Our live-streamed classes allow you to practice with us from anywhere in the world in real time!

If you sign up for a livestream class, the link to join via Zoom is sent to the email on your account 60 minutes prior to the start of class. You can sign up for class all the way up to the start of class. If you sign up within the 60 minutes prior to class, you will typically be emailed your link within 5–10minutes! If you do not get a link within 5 minutes of the start of class, please email us at hello@radiancepoweryoga.com for assistance.

The link you are emailed is personalized to you, please do not share this link with others.

These classes are included for Radiance members, Unlimited monthly purchases and within our intro offer (40 days for $40), or available for purchase at our digital drop-in rates. Check out our pricing page for all pricing options.

Our front door is locked promptly at class start. If you’re running late, give us a call at 303-440-9642. We often have extra team members around and we will do our best to accommodate your arrival

Please note: Team members will not answer the phone once class has begun. Please call with at least 5 minutes notice!

We use ClassPass as a tool for more people in our community to experience Radiance Power Yoga!
Once our classes reach a higher capacity, we remove them from the CP schedule so more spaces are available for our members.
If you have yet to, we invite you to try our 40 Days for $40 intro offer, Class Packs (which never expire), or one of our Memberships to access our more popular classes!
While CP is a wonderful tool to meet more of our community, our small business needs the support of regular members to keep us going. We thank you for understanding and supporting RPY!