Radiant Instruction

Radiance Power Yoga’s teachers have personally trained with Baron Baptiste and are in continuous growth and training through the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Institute, providing you ever-deepening access to this powerful Vinyasa flow practice. Through a combination of yoga asana, breath, meditation and clear, concise instruction, our teachers provide one hour and 90 minute-long classes designed to transform your life – on and off the mat.

Marsha AustinOwner, Certified Baptiste Power
Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Scott RodwinOwner, Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga
Teacher, Partner Yoga Teacher

Sky VanHornBaptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Chandoline MitchellPower Vinyasa + Restorative Yoga Teacher

Angela GraceVinyasa, Restorative & Yin Yoga Teacher

Kate MulheronCreator of Earth Ways Yoga

Angela SchusterVinyasa, Restorative & Yin Yoga Teacher

Casey ConnellyBaptiste Power Vinyasa & Restorative Yoga Teacher

Heather MacDonaldVinyasa & Restorative Yoga Teacher

Kelly HallVinyasa, Children’s, Restorative & Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Danielle WeissBaptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Maura DowneyBaptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

Shiela Rae LairdYoga Teacher

Theresa Church Vinyasa and Sculpt Yoga Teacher

Caitlin Oriel Yoga Teacher

Mimi TzadokYoga Teacher

Jill WheelerYoga Teacher

Sandy MitchellYoga Teacher

Meghan HargadenYoga Teacher

Alyx CitronYoga Teacher

Mimi KeYoga Teacher

Carlye CoyleVinyasa, Yin and Restorative Yoga Teacher

Morgan MitchellEarth Ways Yoga & Flow Yoga Teacher

Kate LoveYoga Teacher

Tiffany PurtellYoga Teacher

Shaylyn PergolaYoga Teacher

  • Marsha Austin
    Marsha Austin Owner, Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

    Marsha has trained directly with Baron Baptiste since 2008 and is 500 Hour Certified (E-RYT 500) through the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Institute. She assists Baron at yoga trainings worldwide.

    For Marsha, yoga is about breaking open. It’s about dropping what you know, and diving into what you don’t know with an open heart, faith and courage. It’s about facing fears, dancing with them, crying with them and eventually laughing at them as you wave good bye.

    Marsha’s all-levels classes are about this process of waking up. Slowly opening your eyes to who and what you are and the power within. The combination of breath, flow, heat and sweat begins to rinse out and cleanse away years of worn out ways of being and thinking that don’t serve you. What starts to show up is an authentic, unstoppable, passionate being who doesn’t ask permission to shine!

  • Scott Rodwin

    Scott first started his yoga journey 26 years ago, and has been practicing regularly in Boulder for the last 18 years. He is an E-RYT  200hr. certified teacher, and has completed 200 hour teacher trainings directly under both Baron Baptiste and a second Vinyasa certification through Tillai.  Additionally, Scott is honored to have studied extensively with Shiva Rea and Seane Corn, and weaves in trainings from a broad background of master teachers including Jeanie Manchester, Shannon Paige and Richard Freedman.  His yoga influences are diverse with experience in multiple schools of Power yoga, prana vinyasa, vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Acro Yoga and partner yoga. Scott has explored an equally wide variety of personal wisdom and spiritual traditions including years gaining insight through the teachings of Gangaji, multiple Buddhist lineages, native American practices, Landmark Education, and his strong Jewish roots. Lastly he weaves 30 years of Contact Improv dance, martial arts (3rd degree back belt in Karate), massage and somatic personal development work into his unique practice.

    Scott co-leads Radiance’s Teacher Trainings and guides a rigorous Baptiste Journey Into Power sequence. He believes that once we have developed a strong rooted center through our individual practice, that the challenge and opportunity of yoga is to then step off our mats and create healthy and uplifting relationships all around us. As such, Scott has made enhancing and supporting the larger Boulder and Colorado yoga community a core value for Radiance.

  • Sky VanHorn
    Sky VanHorn Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

    Sky has trained directly with and assisted for Baron Baptiste for many years. He is also an accomplished martial artist and healing arts practitioner specializing in Injury Rehabilitative and Prevention Massage and Yoga Therapy as well as Thai Yoga Massage and Qigong.

    For Sky, Power Vinyasa is a system of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Awakening that integrates the whole person on every level. This method offers us the understanding of our conditions and the road map to get ourselves out into a more sculpted and awakened life. Sky’s classes are fully designed for everyone from the beginner to the most advanced practitioner. Utilizing a heated room this whole body system will Tone, Sculpt, and Purify your body, Revive your mind, Recharge your Spiritual batteries, and awaken your INNER POWER!

  • Angela Grace
    Angela Grace Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

    Angela brings both passion and enthusiasm to everything she does. She has taught yoga, led cleanses, coaching, and yoga teacher training programs starting in 2004, as well as worked as a regional manager for yoga studios and as a yoga business consultant.  Her intensive focus on catalyzing transformation as well as building community and sustainable health, wealth, and pleasure for all she touches is apparent in the results of her programs and coaching and supports the transformational focus of Radiance Power Yoga’s mission to offer Baptiste Power Yoga classes and Transformation Programs.  Angela offers a holistic approach to assisting you to lead your best life.

    Angela currently teaches in the Boulder/Denver area and leads programs, workshops, and retreats locally and internationally.  A practitioner of Shamanic Energy Medicine, Angela brings her knowledge of the chakras and the subtle body into her teaching to provide you with an integrated healing experience.  Angela adds a spiritual depth and transformational support to her classes with a blend of asana, chanting, meditation, and yoga philosophy to create a truly unique and inspiring experience.

  • Kate Mulheron
    Kate Mulheron Creator of Earth Ways Yoga

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  • Angela Schuster
    Angela Schuster Vinyasa, Restorative & Yin Yoga Teacher.

    A devoted hatha practitioner for over 20 years, and a student of Sofia Diaz for over a decade, Angela guides a practice that is mindful of the physical, centered in breath and heart, and illuminates the spiritual depth that can be felt through the unfurling of the body. Her offering allows for a deeper dive into self-inquiry beyond the physical experience, creating a sweetly sacred space where practitioners can explore, excavate and release old patterning which occurs by simply having a human experience. Angela offers healing yoga retreats in New Mexico, private and group classes in Colorado and is dedicating her life to serving all beings through the potent vehicle of yoga.

  • Casey Connelly
    Casey Connelly Baptiste Power Vinyasa & Restorative Yoga Teacher

    Casey is certified through Radiance Power Yoga. Her classes are filled with light and love and an ease that makes the whole experience fun and playful. She is also currently studying to be a registered nurse and her commitment to total body healing is evident in each and every one of her classes. Her winning smile and attitude will shift your day from the minute you walk in the door.

  • Heather MacDonald
    Heather MacDonald Vinyasa & Restorative Yoga Teacher

    As a lover of the great outdoors and a student of Taoism, Heather believes in living in harmony with ourselves, each other and the natural world. Heather’s mission is to inspire, guide and nurture her students to explore and connect with the beauty of nature within and around us through the practice of yoga. As an active outdoor enthusiast, Heather is no stranger to injury and has found the therapeutic benefits of yoga to be her main practice in learning to heal her own body. Heather enjoys creatively weaving together challenging, holistic, alignment focused practices while humbly striving to offer a safe, supportive environment where her students may be empowered to cultivate self-awareness and discover the countless healing benefits of yoga for themselves. Heather’s vision is for all of humanity to live consciously from center, the place where heaven and earth meet within the human heart, helping to create a community rich in health, support, connection and love.

  • Kelly Hall
    Kelly Hall Vinyasa Flow/Power, Kundalini, Restorative and Children’s Yoga teacher

    Kelly’s classes are both dynamic and peaceful with a heart-centered approach to teaching
    and a focus on facilitating the innate healing and creative potential that exists within us
    all to develop an optimal body/mind/spirit! She has practiced various styles of yoga for
    over twenty five years including Hatha, Bikram, ashtanga, Baptiste Power Yoga,
    Corepower yoga, and kundalini yoga. In 1999, she took her first Power Yoga classes with
    Baron Baptiste and Rolf Gates at Baptiste’s studio in Cambridge Massachusetts and has
    been a devoted practitioner of heated power yoga ever since! In 2009, she was introduced
    to kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan and was instantly drawn to the “Yoga of
    Awareness,” with its spiritual depth and comprehensive physiological approach of
    combining yoga sets, breath work, chanting and meditation, to access the radiance of the
    soul. She completed her Kundalini Yoga teacher training and kundalini-based Children’s
    yoga teacher training in 2011 and has as a passion for bringing kundalini yoga and
    meditation tools into the mainstream for the various and specific health and mental
    health benefits, supported by current neuroscience research. Her Restorative and Flow
    classes are rooted in traditional practices with an eclectic infusion of kundalini
    yoga,/meditation and energy healing.

    Kelly has taught yoga classes and workshops to both adults and children since 2011 in
    Boulder, Fort Collins, and Orange County California. She is an art enrichment
    teacher/owner Flying Colors Art & Yoga offering classes and camps to combine the
    benefits of both art and yoga for children She has participated in various workshops and
    retreats with amazing local and internationally recognized teachers. She is currently
    developing Ong Family Yoga, a social enterprise and website of services designed for
    individuals and families of all ages to access various yoga/meditation and energy healing
    tools. She lives in Boulder and has two beloved pugs and a daughter in college—all

  • Danielle Weiss
    Danielle Weiss Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

  • Maura Downey
    Maura Downey

    Maura received her 200 Baptiste Power Yoga certification through Radiance Power Yoga. While regularly practicing various types of yoga for over 8 years, Maura fell in love with Baptiste Yoga’s simple yet powerful flow. Maura seeks to bring honesty, simplicity, and joy to her practice of yoga both on and off the mat.

  • Chandoline Mitchell
    Chandoline Mitchell Power Vinyasa + Restorative Yoga Teacher

    Chandoline has been practicing and teaching yoga for over 14 years. She fell in love with the practice after her first class, finding yoga a powerful transformative tool for creating balance, strength and peace within her life. She attended a 200 hour teacher training course in 2002 at the Sivananda Ashram in Northern California, Ashtanga teacher training course with David Swenson, Kids Yoga teacher training with Young Warriors, Yoga Prison Project teacher training with James Fox and Yoga Nidra teacher training with Dr. Marc Halpern, as well as many workshops over the years diving deeper into both Vinyasa and restorative practices. She serves as the Wayfarer Regional Manager for Wanderlust Yoga Festival, coordinating the volunteer and studio partner program.  Chandoline has been a Massage Therapist for over 22 years, bringing deep understanding of the physical and emotional bodies to her classes and provides powerfully compassionate and empathetic energy to her students. She has a private Massage practice in the Boulder area where she lives with her husband and daughter.

  • Theresa Church
    Theresa Church Yoga Teacher

    Nearly seven years ago Theresa came to yoga and has been a student ever since. In 2015 she completed her 200 hour training, as well as additional training in prenatal and postnatal yoga. It was during her yoga teacher training that she realized her call to advocate for women. In 2015 Theresa became a certified prenatal and postnatal doula. She moved to Boulder in August 2017 and is currently pursuing graduate studies at Naropa University. Theresa’s classes offer an opportunity to practice being present and gentle with the mind and body. She offers space for freedom of expression and enjoys bringing a sense of humor to class.

  • Caitlin Oriel
    Caitlin Oriel Yoga Teacher

    Caitlin has been practicing yoga for 10 years. She was an infrequent and casual yogi through high school and college. 

    Her relationship to yoga shifted in 2014 when she found Kate Mulheron’s Forrest Yoga class at the Yoga Pod in Boulder and discovered a deeper sense of purpose and curiosity in her yoga practice. This shift impacted her tremendously, as it showed her a pathway to healing through the blending of yoga and a meaningful relationship with Mother Nature. Caitlin received her 200-hour Vinyasa Flow certification from the Yoga Pod in 2013. She received her 200-hour Earth Ways Yoga certification in August 2017. She’s honored to help others facilitate their own healing through yoga and to build community on and off the mat. Her love affair with the practice of yoga symbolizes a deeper purpose and sense of meaning in walking on this earth.

  • Mimi Tzadok
    Mimi Tzadok Power Vinyasa & Outlaw Yoga Teacher

    Mimi is a joyful instructor who works to blend physicality with spirituality. Yoga is a saving grace for Mimi, it brought her to a place of happiness in her life and she strives to help others achieve this confident sense of self. Mimi is certified in Hot, Hot Power Fusion, and Power Vinyasa, receiving her RYT 200 hour from CorePower in 2014 and her Outlaw yoga 200 hour certification in 2016. Since her certification in 2014, she has been teaching non stop, always urging a sense of fun in her classes. In her class you will find traditional foundations with a non-traditional spin, and always with a smile!

  • Jill Wheeler
    Jill Wheeler Yoga Teacher

    Jill Wheeler is a professional counselor, leadership consultant, writer, yoga instructor, filmmaker, adventurer and athlete who specializes in creating transformational and empowerment experiences for individuals, groups and communities.

    As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor, Jill has worked with individuals, couples, families and groups experiencing a range of psycho-social issues. As a climbing guide and outdoor educator, she has led individuals, special interest groups and corporate clients on high impact, life-changing adventures.

    For more than two decades, Jill Wheeler has served to inspire people to achieve their greatest potential. Whether it is out on the water, on the top of a mountain or on the mat, Jill combines personal growth coaching with the power of nature. The result: Adventure Therapy.

    As a 500 hour RYT, Jill blends empowerment, metaphor and inspirational storytelling with a safe and inspiring asana-practice. She believes how we show up on the mat is how we show up everywhere. Jill’s yoga is an offering of love in the spirit of service. She believes this ancient practice provides endless opportunities for personal healing, empowerment and community-building. She specializes in powerful vinyasa flow classes, sprinkled with sensible holds to refine alignment and create a physical foundation for a lifetime of yoga practice and movement.

  • Sandy Mitchell
    Sandy Mitchell Yoga Teacher

    Hi, my name is Sandy! My introduction to yoga occurred when I least expected it.

    I was living an unconscious, hurried and hectic life outside of my body.  I numbed and avoided difficult or challenging emotions.  Suppressing these negative emotions made them all the more toxic in my being.  I felt lost, and, despite trying to problem-solve, I didn’t know how to stop the wheels of chaos.  Then a friend invited me to my first yoga class.  I had no idea what I was doing, but after the class I felt a calmness that was intriguing and novel.  So I continued to go and discovered a sense of relief just from being on my mat.

    Over the years, I have practiced many different styles of yoga, which led to my discovery of Earth Ways Yoga, a style of yoga that is rooted in the natural world, native ways and ancient Chinese philosophy known as 5 Element Acupuncture.  Earth Ways Yoga spoke to me on every level- mind, body and essence.  In August, 2017, I completed my 200-hour teacher training and have been committed to teaching ever since.  My class offers a safe, judgment-free environment for you to find authentic expression.  You will be encouraged and supported to breathe consciously while exploring your relationship to the poses through your sounds and sensations.

    Through yoga, I have learned the value of slowing down and consciously connecting back to myself.  I have witnessed my own transformative journey that continues to develop and deepen each and every day.  I am humbled and honored to guide you on your mat wherever your journey takes you.  I hope to see you in class.  With gratitude.

  • Meghan Hargaden
    Meghan Hargaden Earthways Yoga Teacher

    Meghan’s yoga journey began in 2014 when she was met with a diagnosis that required
    a total shift in how she approached her body. Confronted head on by the impermanence
    of her own physical form, Meghan underwent a spiritual transformation — devoting
    much of her time to the miracle and medicine of movement. As her body began to
    change, she found the practice of yoga deeply therapeutic. It taught her the art of
    surrender, and the value in letting go (among many other things). Since then, she has
    devoted fully to this practice, and has extended it out to all areas of her life, including
    her career.
    Meghan is currently pursuing a Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health and is doing
    research in epigenetics, the philosophy of medicine, and holistic healing. Her long-term
    goals include opening a counseling center that combines mindful movement with the
    power of talk therapy.
    Meghan believes everyone is worthy of this practice and is inspired to making this
    healing accessible to all body types, abilities, and skill levels. Her skills include the use
    of props and modifications, as well as reading a room and offering a depth to each
    posture. She believes in the power of mind over matter and enjoys the balance of effort
    and ease in her sequencing. Her sequences will push you hard enough to make you
    realize you’re stronger than you imagine, and back off enough to discover something
    She is an advocate for body positivity and is less concerned with how the posture looks
    in the mirror and much more interested in how you show up in your shape. Her passion
    for holding space and authentically relating comes through very clearly in her classes.
    “My Body Is My Temple And Asanas Are My Prayers” B.K.S. Iyengar
    If you’d like to experience the benefits of this powerful practice for yourself or learn more
    about how you can heal your own body, check out Meghan’s Earth Ways Classes.

  • Alyx Citron
    Alyx Citron Yoga Teacher

    Alyx fell in love with yoga as a child and as she grew her practice grew with her. She recieved her 200hr AYA certification in 2015 and began teaching various styles of Yoga while on the East Coast. Upon moving to Colorado she received her AYA accredited Yin Certification and has been studying Kindalini Yogic Philosophy as well. Alyx focuses on proper alignment while speaking to the philosophy of yoga, not just the physicality. She values the concept of taking yoga off the mat and incorporating the principles into everyday life to create a more harmonious and joy filled way of life.

  • Mimi Ke
    Mimi Ke Yoga Teacher

    Mimi has been sharing the joys of movement with others her whole life. She began sharing her yoga practice with students in 2010 and could not imagine her life path any other way. She received her 200 hour certification in the tradition of Tantric Hatha yoga and later discovered her love of Ashtanga during a Rocket Vinyasa teacher training. This sparked a drive to travel to Mysore, India, the epicenter of Ashtanga where she studied under the guidance of BNS Iyengar, Vijay Kumar and Saraswati Jois. During her trips she was strongly influenced by her time with Professor M.A Jayashree and M.A. Narasimhan who instilled in her the love of chanting through sruti parampara.

    You can expect a practice
    that emphasizes breath and energetic awareness, tailored to the season, time of day and energy of the space. Her classes range from grounding introspection to more dynamic, heated flows.

    Off the mat, Mimi performs and teaches with Frequent Flyers Aerial Dance. She credits the magic of yoga for keeping her body safe and balanced for the rigors of dancing through the air.

  • Carlye Cole
    Carlye Cole Vinyasa, Yin & Restorative Yoga Teacher
    Carlye is a E-RYT 500/YACEP teaching hatha, vinyasa, yin and restorative style yoga creating a practice suitable for any level.  In 2013 she took her first 200hr YTTC in Grand Rapids, MI through Prairie Yoga and three years later completed her 500hr YTTC in the birthplace of yoga in Rishikesh, India.  Since then Carlye has lived, taught, and studied in Michigan, Taiwan, and Costa Rica, and assisted in teacher training, hosted workshops, and offered numerous classes to a wide variety of students.
    In her classes you can expect creative sequencing, intuitive cueing, and mindful adjustments.  Yoga brings to the surface the already existent connection of mind-body-and-spirit.  Through the practice a sense of self-awareness develops of the inner and outer state and provides infinite freedom.  Yoga creates a more joyful life and this is what inspires Carlye to continue to share the practice with all.

  • Morgan Mitchell
    Morgan Mitchell Earthways & Flow Yoga Teacher

    Morgan is a Colorado native who has studied multiple styles of yoga throughout her decade of practice. Morgan has a 200 hour certification in Hatha yoga as well as a 200 hour Earth Ways Yoga certification. She also has a degree in archaeology from CU. After traveling the world she has settled back in Boulder to more deeply pursue these two passions. Morgan sees the value in nature and its effect on our nervous systems and our daily lives. Nature is the laboratory from which our nervous system was created, and elements from nature are used in Morgan’s classes as profound healing guides. Morgan’s teachings also incorporate the science of the Chinese Five Element meridian system and acupressure points. She uses these tools to help her students gain awareness and a sense of safety while being in their bodies. Morgan regards yoga as an (in)bodied ceremony, and her teaching style offers a sense of deep groundedness in ones human form. Morgan teaches Earth Ways Yoga and flow classes.

  • Kate Love
    Kate Love Yoga Teacher

    Kate discovered yoga 10 years ago, but really dove into expanding mind, body and soul six years ago.  A survivor of advanced cancer and expansive trauma as a child and young woman, yoga brought life back to her entire being. Kate focuses deeply on trauma and how it manifests into dis-ease within the body, mind and spirit.  How do we gently caress these spaces and come back to life as our trueSelf? She brings her Native roots into every practice, reminding you that you are not separate from this Earth.  You are one. The pain you are living with is lovable. Kate has also worked with Children in class settings for 15 years and is a mother to a nine year old boy.  Working with children in a mindfulness practice is so rewarding, giving children the tools to self regulate and become grounded and confident in their sweet and pure trueSelves. Let’s breathe together, let’s remember together, let’s heal together. Namaste.

  • Tiffany Purtell
    Tiffany Purtell Yoga Teacher

    Tiffany has been a devoted student of Yoga since it became her most healing medicine in 2015. Through diligent practice, she fell in love with the surrender and presence required to stay in practice on the mat. Attending as many classes as she could and learning from both teachers and students alike, she found a deep spiritual connection to her inner-knowing and decided she wanted to share this powerful, ancient wisdom with others. Following an intuitive call to teach, Tiffany obtained her RYT 200 through a Baptiste-inspired teacher training in Ohio, and now teaches a variety of Yoga styles. She aims to bring a quality of safe-space, release, and personal power to the classroom, encouraging each student to listen to their own innate mind-body wisdom. She believes that through gentle awareness, strong presence, and an attitude of kindness, any energy can return to its natural state of unconditional Love. In reverence of the roots of India’s greatest gift to the West – Tiffany believes that with respect and creativity, we can keep the magic of yoga alive forever.

  • Shaylyn Pergola
    Shaylyn Pergola Yoga Teacher

    Shaylyn is a Colorado sunshine loving yogi based in the Boulder area. She is an environmental enthusiast and a lifelong student who is sharing through her classes what she learns along her journey. She strives to connect humans with their true nature through their yoga practice, both on and off the mat. She believes strongly in the importance and necessity of unearthing our true selves at this critical age in time, so that we may embody our light through our unique gifts and service towards the greater good of the planet. Shaylyn has a warm and light hearted presence that is sure to bring both smiles and sweat throughout practice. Within the peaceful held space of her class, which she calls the “love bubble”, Shaylyn encourages students to find a sense of freedom within their bodies by welcoming their flow in any unique expression that is true to them in the moment. This means approaching asana with curiosity, honesty, and gentleness, taking the time and intention to explore what it means to be human, to be YOU, within the container of each posture.

    Shaylyn is a certified 200-hour RYT and a 95 hour certified Kids Yoga Teacher. She has completed the Yoga Studies certificate at Naropa University and is a complete yoga nerd whose fire burns bright with curiosity and genuine love for learning about the ancient wisdom traditions. She is deeply passionate about healing the world through healing ourselves, and finds her niche in doing this work through teaching.

  • Shiela Rae Laird
    Shiela Rae Laird Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga Teacher

    Shiela’s youth was filled with tutus and toe shoes, cultivating a strong passion to move. In her twenties, she spent 3 years criss-crossing India, trekking through the Himalayans with Buddhist monks, studying at Buddhist and yoga ashrams, discovering India’s beautiful beaches and ancient architecture. She recognized that yoga and meditation gave her the same sense of connection, bliss and gratitude as dance did. After her first teacher training at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerala, she began to teach yoga to fellow travelers in ashrams and meditation centers. Her travels culminated in a four month stay in Mysore, studying with the founder of Ashtanga Yoga, K. Pattabhi Jois. Back home, she studied extensively with Richard Freeman, senior teacher of Ashtanga Yoga. She has had the delight to teach singer/songwriter Micheal Franti and many other amazing beings over twenty years in yoga studios across the states: San Fransisco, New York City, Denver and now the sweet community of Boulder, Colorado.
    In 2014, she received a MA in Religious Studies from Naropa University including over 1,000 hours in yoga teacher training. She created yoga programs for women and girls in halfway houses, aligning with the altruistic power of social justice. She developed yoga programs for students (and her two children) in the Boulder Valley School District, helping to guide our next generation. She continues to seek outreach opportunities to bring yoga to communities that could greatly benefit from the gifts of movement and breath.
    In her studio class, you will become stronger, more flexible and feel a deep sense of alignment. Her class creates space to uncover one’s true self. She strives to induce a meditative atmosphere allowing you to fall into your own process of discovery.
    She believes in the power of breath. By connecting to our breath, we can then connect to our inner strength and fully settle into a present experience of life. From this place, we become more joyful, loving and helpful persons.

    “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” – Mahatma Ghandi

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