Digital Classes

Most classes on our schedule are offered digitally via the Zoom platform. These classes are live streamed and allow you to practice with us from anywhere in the world in real time!

The link to join our zoom class is sent to the email on your account one hour prior to the start of class. You can sign up for class in our booking app within a minute of the start of class. If you sign up within the hour before the start of class you will be emailed your link within 5 minutes, but typically right away. If you do not get a link within 5 minutes of the start of class, please email us at for assistance.

The link you are emailed is personalized to you, please do not share this link with others.

These classes are included for Radiance members, unlimited month purchases and within our intro offer (40 days for $40) or available for purchase at our digital drop-in rates.