• “I was on a business trip and did a drop in class at Radiance Power Yoga. They are on the MindBody app so registering and finding an early morning class was easy. The studio is clean and very cute. They have all the necessary mats, yoga blocks, and straps available for use and are clean and good quality. The class was challenging and the instructor provided good direction and adjustments. Overall, I was very pleased with the experience and would definitely go back if I’m in the area.”

  • “Boulder has a LOT of yoga studios to be sure. Pretty much everyone with a pulse practices in this town. I’ve been coming to the mat for almost 10 years now, and have found a home at Radiance with the amazing staff they have there. They present the practice in uncomplicated terms, with no hype or gimmick, and you leave every session dripping with hard work and a smile on your heart. If they had a life membership, I’d sign up for it.”

  • “I like how the instructors at Radiance Power Yoga take the time to correct and encourage students throughout the classes. As a former dancer I appreciate the technique of this practice and really enjoy the style and environment of this studio… Namaste!”

  • “Radiance Power Yoga is not just a yoga studio, is a sacred space… It is like therapy and spa altogether, plus a workout. All the teachers there heal you not only through yoga but also through words of wisdom. Baptiste power yoga can be difficult at first, but after a while you’ll feel stronger than ever before… I genuinely love this place. Highly recommend it!!!”

  • “The environment in the studio feels like a home away from all else. The staff is always supportive and the classes leave me feeling amazing."

  • "In Radiance I have found a rare combination of thoughtful, challenging yoga presented in a beautiful studio among a strong community of practitioners. Radiance has partnered with teachers having a a depth of experience that lead classes focused towards and supportive of an individual’s practice, who are truly committed to the yoga student’s growth.”

  • “AMAZING. Absolutely love it! Definitely looking to get a membership next month. My favorite yoga studio I’ve been to in Boulder hands down. Thank you!!!”

  • “It’s wonderful. I had been going to another studio in town, but was tired of getting lost in the crowd. I get a lot of personal attention at Radiance. Plenty of space and great group of people. The locker rooms are really beautiful as well!”


  • “I always had an interest in yoga but never took much time to practice the art. Radiance has provided me with a gateway and currently going through a break up yoga is the best calming practice! I feel a state of simply… Bliss. I absolutely enjoy the atmosphere Radiance Yoga studio provides and the influence of their instructors! :+)”

  • “Friendly, knowledgeable teachers and a beautiful studio! I have left every class feeling refreshed and challenged both physically and mentally. Looking forward to continuing my practice at Radiance.”

  • “I’ve always felt the most important thing about a yoga class is the environment, especially the energetic environment. Radiance Power Yoga has always felt welcoming, challenging, and supportive. I have always had good interactions with all the staff and the facilities are basic and beautiful. The locker room is well maintained. I never worry I will be injured in class because safe adjustments are offers. April’s Flow and Restore is my favorite class because I always come out feeling incredibly relaxed and clear headed. I hope to make Radiance my “home” yoga studio as soon as I return home from studying yoga in India.”

  • “Radiance is a truly warm and inviting space for a yoga practice. All their teachers are well versed in Baptiste training and have a good grasp of the core elements of traditional yogic philosophy. If a power vinyasa practice appeals to you, I strongly recommend this studio.”

  • “I randomly found this place and was so grateful for the serendipitous encounter. Kate’s class was easily the best class I’ve ever taken. Beautiful instruction, thoughtful corrections and adjustments, very grounding energy. This was physically challenging but very accessible.”

  • “Great Studio! Teachers are wonderful!”

  • “I love the beautiful studio and the teachers are great. I am not a fan of hot yoga but you may have just changed my mind about that. I discovered one teacher out of 6 who taught a killer very advanced class, this should be advertised as such so one knows what one is in for.”

  • “Four stars for the amazing community I’ve gotten to develop at this studio! The other folks I meet on my mat are awesome. I also like the variety of teachers — favorites include Katy Rowe, April Glaser, Dave Farmar, and Sarah Flinn. All the teachers are hands on, have a lovely sense of humor and genuinely care about their students.”

  • “This place is a clearing for coming back to the center. It isn’t glitzy, you don’t get pumped up like a cheerleader walking in the door, nor are you expected to break out into a pretzel on command. You just show up. Wherever you’re at is where you’re supposed to be. I like that. Keeps me coming back for many moons now.”

  • “Radiance power yoga is a welcoming studio that offers amazing power yoga!”

  • “I have tried multiple yoga studios in town since I have been in Boulder, and this is by far my favorite studio.”

  • “I loved class! I felt challenged, pushed, and stretched–but not too much. Those in the class motivated me to take my practice farther, but I also felt supported to stay where I was if needed. A great environment for Yoga :)”


  • “I was visiting Boulder and am grateful for the free week of yoga in this beautiful studio! It was the first time I had ever taken a Forest yoga class, and I’m pretty sure it is going to change my life. Cali and Chase were both genuine and enthusiastic teachers I connected with instantly. I will visit again in the future. Thank you! xo”

  • “I took two classes with Angela Grace during my week of Free Yoga offered by Radiance Power Yoga. I loved the class and the teacher. The class was challenging, especially in the heat, and that was exactly what I need for my week. Angela Grace was attentive, caring, upbeat, and very knowledgeable. I will definitely recommend Radiance Power Yoga to my friends.”

  • “A beautiful studio, and great classes!”

  • “I have only been to two classes so far, but my body and mind are feeling wonderful.”

  • “I really love Marsha as a teacher, and think she is one of the best in Boulder.”

  • “Vigorous classes honoring the individual’s practice while challenging them to push to their edge, seeking light, harmony and centering. Great yoga teachers-inspiring.”

  • “The most serene and beautifully designed yoga place I have ever been to. I just want to say Oooohhhhhmmm”

  • “I have practiced at a lot of yoga studios in Boulder — this one is among the finest!”

  • “I LOVE IT!!!”

  • “The class was just what I was looking for! It was a great work out and the teacher was fantastic!”

  • “Great class! I felt comfortable as a new client and a person new to yoga.”

  • “I’ve tried a lot of yoga studio’s and this place is the real deal. Clean and very safe, I think they lock the front door during sessions, which makes me feel better. Friendly, knowledgeable, diverse staff is there to help and guide you through each session. There are no mirrors in the studio rooms. You don’t have someone up in front of the class calling out positions and you try and follow along. Instead, you have an instructor walking around the class helping you make corrections to better understand where you need to be. Not where you think you should be! Marsha, the owner, is a sweetheart. Helping me out in my time of need. Any session with Court or April will be amazing as well. All the staff there are great, I can’t say enough about them. I leave this place every time feeling better about myself and my recent accomplishments. So if you’re ready to get more out of your yoga class, check out Radiance Power Yoga. I promise, it will change your life. It changed mine!”

  • “Radiance Power Yoga offers the best combination of a good workout with a nurturing, soul squeeze :) I love the instructors at Radiance Power Yoga. Both their instruction and dialogue lets me know that they aren’t just interested in guiding me in and out of poses, but also in the revelation of the joy that can come from releasing stored patterns and the presence that comes with continued practice. I highly recommend this studio.”

  • “Lovely atmosphere. Lovely instructors. I’m excited to practice here regularly when I move to Boulder!”


  • “I just moved to North Boulder, and a certified yoga teacher myself, I was looking for a great studio to continue my practice at, get involved with the yoga community, and maybe even teach. The instant I walked into the studio, I loved it. The people were friendly and the studio was warm and inviting. The 3 classes I took so far were wonderful, and all different. I am excited to come back and take more classes, and explore more teachers. I’m thrilled with the amount of classes offered. The one thing that really stood out to me was the types of things the studio is involved in…the class that supports addicts, and community classes, etc. They are things I would love to get more involved with.”

  • “I attended Marsha’s noon power hour class 4/8/14 and loved it! I love that way you teach and I love that I was able to practice pose variations and she helped me into the correct posture for them. It was very nice to not have to follow the class exactly and have the freedom of expression! I also like the way she vocalizes herself. All and all you’ll be seeing me again for Marsha’s power hour! Very inspiring lady : )”

  • “Kate’s classes are always amazing, she is such an inspiring teacher. Thanks, I hope to attend the next one!"

  • “Loved this studio. Nice staff, beautiful changing rooms, and good warm yoga Baptiste-style. Will definitely join when I move to Boulder fulltime!”


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