SUMMER CIRCLE: Celebrating your Abundance

Please join Kate Mulheron as she gathers in circle with community at Radiance Power
Yoga to celebrate the awakened LIGHT of SUMMER SOLSTICE. The longest day of the
year is to be celebrated as it is the peak of EVERYTHING you have been growing toward
since Winter Solstice this past December. This is why pausing in ritual to honor the sacred
of the SHIFT is so profound—it’s essential. It’s so humbling as we bow in reverence to
Grandfather Sun as he truly shines in brightness to commemorate this day on your path.
You have made it, come celebrate another turn around the sun!! The Summer Solstice
represents the brightest day of the year, this day signifies light, personal power, and divine
action as you move into this highly energetic and vibrant time. The Summer Solstice
presents an opportunity to step further into your power, to embody the power you have
cultivated through the course of the year, and to bring those intentions into the physical

We will honor FATHER Sun Star and the significance of his light, clarity, and warmth in
our own circle and community…Join us as we Celebrate this very sacred day with our very
special community. During the ceremony we will HONOR the 7 Directions. With each
direction there will be space to revisit intentions planted at Winter Solstice as we ask for
clarity on action needed to bring these intentions to fruition in this vibrant energy of
Summer Solstice and clarity on what do we need to let go of. We will then move into a
self-reflective yoga. We will finish with a vision quest that will allow you space to journey
deep within yourself through a guided meditation. Live Music with Jay Kraemer will be
joining us in circle to share his LIVE soundscaping intuitive music in offering a bright way
to receive this new season of light, abundance and beauty!!

June 20th 7-9:30pm
Cost: $35
Bring a journal, yoga mat, and yourself!

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