Membership Management


As a valued member of our community, you have the flexibility and choice to end your monthy auto-renew membership at any time. Radiance Power Yoga is committed to clarity and transparency around our membership terms and policies. Below you will find information about how to freeze or cancel your membership. Once your request has been received our team will email you confirmation with the exact dates that your request will take effect.


Membership Cancellation Policy

Radiance members may cancel their monthy auto-renew membership by submitting a 30 day written notice prior to the next month’s billing date. Please use the link below to send us your request. Include your full first and last name as it appears on your account, the date of your request and any helpful feedback you have for us about why you are choosing to terminate your membership. Again, membership cancellations are based on your auto-pay billing schedule and your membership cancellation request will be honored 30 days from your next regularly scheduled payment. Please note: members may not cancel memberships that are frozen and Radiance Power Yoga does not pro-rate cancellations.

Got it, I still want to cancel my membership


Membership Freeze Policy

Radiance Power Yoga is committed to supporting our members who will be travelling for extended periods, experience an injury, or other circumstance that make taking a month or more off necessary. Please note: suspensions require at least a two week notice prior to your next auto-pay billing date. Also, Radiance Power Yoga does not allow suspended memberships to be cancelled. Your membership must be re-activated for one month prior to any final cancellation. This means you are responsible for incurring one additional month of membership fees if you decide to terminate your membership during your freeze period. Your membership will be re-actived and auto-payments billed at the end of your designated freeze period. You may freeze your membership only once each calendar year, and for no more than 1 months. The minimum freeze is 30 Days. Radiance will not pro-rate partial months or issue refunds. Please review the following details of this policy before requesting a membership freeze.

Got it, I still want to freeze my membership

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