Why Radiance?

Radiance Power Yoga offers you, whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, a new way to experience the true power of waking up to create and live the life you want. Through the Baptiste Power Yoga Institute’s proven methodology, our teachers are trained to produce in you results that will leave you experiencing a whole new level of power and purpose!

What does this look like?

    • Studio rooms without mirrors. When you are focused inside yourself, noticing thoughts, feeling emotions, getting in touch with your body and its alignment, you are taking the first steps towards becoming a powerful observer.
    • Classes without music. We love to set the mood before and after class with beautiful tunes, but once the asana practice starts, you are guided to listen to the music within your own being. What thoughts arise? Is your mind agitated or still and peaceful? Are you generating the energy of openness, passion, inspiration and imagination, or judgment, self-doubt and limitation?
    • Teachers who are fully present during class. We are trained in the art of being present. If we’re on our mat at the front of the room practicing along with you, we’re not present to you. Our teachers stand throughout the yoga room in order to observe you – what’s happening in your body and what’s happening in energetically in the room. We look for opportunities in each moment to call for poses that will take you to your growing edge and to give hands-on and verbal assists when you need tools to empower you. We’ll sometimes take time to demonstrate a challenging pose, but we want you attention to be on you – not us!
    • Teachers who challenge you to take your practice off the mat. How we are in one area of life, for example, how we react in a challenging pose in a heated yoga room, says it all about how we are everywhere else. We aren’t going to shy away from the tough questions. Our intention is to get you present to the self imposed limitations you’re creating for yourself and give you the tools to get free! We speak to how you can live BIG out in the world because we want you to live into the limitless potential we see in you.
    • A family who cares about each and every one of you. Our mission is to know each and every one of you. We make a comittment to know you name and to take time to listen to you before and after class. We see ourselves in you and we are here to have you achieve your highest self. No one is invisible at Radiance!
    • An international Baptiste Yoga community committed to transforming the world through yoga. There are more than 40 Baptiste Affiliate Studios worldwide, including the U.S., Canada, U.K, Australia, Africa and Europe. The Baptiste Power Yoga Institute and Baron Baptiste lead yoga workshops and trainings throughout the year for every ability level. Many of these studio owners and teachers are our friends – and they’re waiting to connect with you!

We’ll see you this week in class!

Marsha Austin Rodwin & The Radiance Power Yoga Team